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Ur-Serv Provide wide range of professional value-added Business services to support growth and success of micro, small, middle enterprises & Corporates in MENA Region.

End-to-end Business Development

Ur-Serv provide business development services, from strategic level down to tactical & operational level.

Ur-Serv Supports your Business with experts who can detect, predict, Resolve, any ongoing problems, prevent any further complications, use numerous practices & tools to improve your business.

We Provide:

- Strategic Development, Business Plan

- Operational Development (Supply Chain Solutions)

- Financial Development

- Informational Development and Digitalization 

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Developmment Projects

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Scope of Our Services

 Start-Ups, Change Management Projects & Full BD

Ur-Serv professionals guide you step by step, converting your ideas into business plans. 

Ur-Serv make feasibility studies, marketing plans, and business plans. We have experts with wide Experience in successful Start-ups in different fields who can implement these plans.  

Your Company Success is our ultimate success. 
Whether you start small or are already a large company, our solution adapts to your needs and grows with you. Our BD projects is customizable according to Co. Size and industry.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Ur-Serv provide many supply chain solutions, from strategic level down to tactical & operational level.

Ur-Serv provides solutions which Enhance Visibility, Resilience, Agility across your business, elevate Customer Satisfaction and Net Profits.

Ur-Serv build trust and collaboration between companies of different fields to perform horizontal integration.  

Our Methodologies make your business Lean (Efficient), Agile (Flexible), Customer-Oriented, and Excellent.

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Financial Enhancement

Cash flow Management, Assets Management, and Cost Management are all revised, and controlled through our professionals. 

We help your company to make the best of use of the working capital, generate cash, elevate the shareholder equity, and net profits gained.

Enhance Financial Position

ERP & Digitalization

The exponential growth of E-Commerce, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) make Supply Chain a Strategic imperative in any company. 

Ur-Serv help you to Apply the latest appropriate practices relevant to your company’s industry.

Digital SC Solutions