About Us

About Us

Our Big Idea

Ur-Serv Business Development Support Success and Growth of SMEs & Corporates in many industries held in Egypt & MENA Region.

With more than 20 years experience, Ur-Serv® is launched to Fill the market gap and provide the required business development services & supply chain solutions for SMEs.

Ur-Serv provide wide range of end-to-end business development services from strategy, supply chain, financial enhancement and digital transformation which support the growth and success of SME's and Corporates.

Our Vision

To Become one of the most trusted business development enterprises which support the growth of and integration between micro-, small, middle enterprises and success of large corporates in MENA region by 2030.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Ensure high quality services, Provide optimally industry tailored strategic, operational, digital solutions, and Other business development services which adds value to our customers, and Support them to achieve their: Strategic and business goals, and Guide them towards business excellence.

Our Values

Flexibility & Efficiency

We add value to every business, we're flexible towards changing clients' demands.

Trust & Commitment

Trust is built by commitment of achieving all set goals in the set date.

Quality & Excellence

We provide highest quality solutions which exceeds customer expectations.

Customer Success

We're Customer Centric

Success of our customers is our ultimate Success

Our Main Scope of Services

Business Development Services (BDS): 

  • Start-Ups, Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Development
  • Operational Development, Change Management Projects
  • Supply Chain Management SCM, Supply Chain Optimization SCO, Supply Chain Excellence
  • Financial Enhancement
  • Digital Transformation

Our Services

Expandable Team 

Strategic View

Ur-Serv Vison is expandable to many industries in many markets.

Flexible Strategies are the first growth enablers.

Operational View

Our edge is our practical on-ground experience. Plastics, Food, Pharmaceutical, are just examples for manufacturing.

Retail, warehousing, distribution has many examples

Digital Innovation

It's the era of digital transformation. Everything became digital and virtual. Integration is the key point of success in all industries.

Dr. Hani Amin

Dr. Hani Afifi, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, 

Dr. Hani has a very strong experience in many industries by participating in the development of the strategy, operations, and customer experience strategies in several industries.

MAAA Profile

Eng. Mohamed A. A. 


Expert in Telecommunication networking, Consultant for reputable companies in MENA

3rd party

Professional 3rd Party

Very Professional Third Party Service Provider In All Business Functions to support clients of different businesses.



Our Developers are ready for digital supply chain design and implementation to drive success and  bring the company to the next level.

Some of Our References

We are in good company.


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