Ur-Serv Business Development

Ur-Serv is a business development firm which provide companies with offer a wide range of professional business services, for strategic development, operational excellence, financial enhancement, and other services.

Business Development Services

Ur-Serv offer a range of professional business development services, including business planning, market research, marketing strategy, business management, consulting services, project management, supply chain management, financial enhancement, digital supply chain "ERP, and e-commerce implementation", and more.

At Ur-Serv, we understand that every business is unique, and that's why we take a tailored approach for every project we undertake. 

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, we have the skills and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Our end-to-end Business development professional services cover all SMEs and corporates needs for sustainable growth and success in today's competitive market.  

Ur-Serv end-to-end business development

Business Strategy

Start building your Business Model and strategic plan.

Ur-Serv » Create and execute your business strategy and plan, Define vision and mission, set goals and objectives, identify your strengths and opportunities, know well your customers, identify unique selling proposition, create your business model, business plan, strategy and guide you to business success.

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Our Approach

Our experts specialize in providing customized solutions that address change management projects to fulfill the unique needs of each of our clients. We work closely to understand goals, challenges, and opportunities. We develop agile tailored strategies, and ensure that your business get the results they're looking for.

With our extensive experience across different industries, we can help you overcome any challenges and achieve your goals.

Professional Business Services

Ur-Serv is a business and software development firm providing a wide range of professional business services, for strategic development, operational excellence, financial enhancement, digital supply chain and other services.

We provide full business development consulting services, from analyzing company current situation, identifying ongoing problems and opportunities, propose solutions and strategies to achieve the desired goals. 

Our professional Business development services are wide and cover various areas such as strategy, Supply Chain management, finance, marketing, and Digital transformation. 

Our management consulting services enables you to have a better vision on all departments Performance.

Management Consulting

We are committed to providing customized business consulting services and practical solutions for success and growth of small businesses, middle enterprises and large Corporates. 

Business consulting for small business, as well as middle enterprises and large corporates adds a great value. Our preliminary business scan reveals hidden business problems, and issues, and provide you with a full business picture.

Even companies of the same industry differ from each other. Ur-Serv Design tailored projects according to the areas of the required development.

Ur-Serv is a business development firm which has a great experience in strategic management, operational management, project management, change management, company development management.

Ur-Serv create your tailored Business Model, perform strategic analysis, prepare a full business strategy, and help in its implementation. Also, we can manage a certain change, or manage the whole business. 

We offer a range of services, such as consulting, outsourcing, training, and software development, to help our clients achieve their goals and optimize their performance. 

Whether you need to streamline your processes, improve your customer satisfaction, or increase your profitability, we have the expertise and the tools to help you succeed. 

Ur-Serv is more than just a service provider, we are your trusted partner in business management. We deliver measurable results.

Our Customer Success is our Ultimate Success

Ur-Serv is a leading provider of management consulting services to a wide range of industries and sectors. We help our clients achieve their strategic goals, optimize their performance, and enhance their competitiveness. 

Our team of experts has extensive experience and knowledge in areas such as business transformation, digital supply chain management, financial Enhancement, operational excellence, and organizational development. Whether you need to improve your processes, develop new capabilities, or implement change initiatives, we are ready to partner with you and deliver solutions that meet your needs and expectations.

Ur-Serv performs economic feasibility Studies to many companies

Feasibility Study

Ur-Serv provide you with economic feasibility studies with preliminary analysis of the viability of a new idea, project, product, or service, and provides a basis for decision making, and planning for the next stages.

Ur-Ser provide SMEs & Corporates with Business Consulting services

Marketing Strategy

Ur-Serv support small companies in Increasing brand awareness and loyalty, Attracting and retaining customers, Enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, Boosting sales and profits, and  Gaining a competitive edge.

Ur-Serv help in creating a unique image and value proposition for the product or service in the minds of the customers. Tailor your product and service quality, and pricing.

Ur-Serv Online Consulting services are of high quality with optimum prices

Online Consulting Services

Ur-Serv provides online consulting where you can get best practices to save time and money by learning from qualified and experienced consultants who help you with: 

supply chain management consulting, Strategic planning, Management consulting, Customer service and retention, And more!

Online Consulting

Ur-Serv Business Development is a leading online consulting firm that helps clients achieve their strategic goals. 

We offer a range of consultancy services, from business strategy to supply chain planning and execution. Whether you need guidance on launching a new product, expanding into a new market, or improving your operational efficiency, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed. 

Our team of management consultants has worked with reputable businesses, and we bring our best practices and insights to every project. 

Operational Development

ReliabilityResponsiveness, Adaptability, Cost Management, and Assets Management are the main performance attributes every business tries to achieve. A defect in any of these attributes means there's a hidden defect in one or more the main operating processes. We implement tailored improvement projects to detect, measure, analyze, improve and control these defects.

We analyse the root cause of those problems, and perform business process improvement, implement relevant performance metrics for sustainable development..

Supply Chain Strategy

Our experts has years of experience in supply chain management strategy planning and operation optimization. Each supply chain consultant provide customized Supply chain solutions to and develop  a company's supply chain strategy aligned to company strategy and Business Model to optimize business operations and boost your overall performance. 

Strategic Fit

Companies benefit from Ur-Serv approach in applying Supply chain excellence, as its application result in a reliable strategy which guides you towards waste elimination, cost control and expenses reduction, together with obtaining higher quality, faster delivery, better customer satisfaction and increased profitability. 

​Top Consulting firms work on strategy, strategic plans, building business models, Ur-Serv has additional scope by being one of  strategic supply chain management companies supporting businesses to work on: supply chain process management, expenses reduction, assets management, together with people training to achieve performance attributes which gave us an edge.

Ur-Serv focus on enabling companies in the MENA region to achieve Supply chain excellence by optimizing Supply Chain Strategy and Operations, from the flow of materials, information and money to people skills elevation and applying best practices. 

According to Ur-Serv experts, Supply Chain Excellence is defined by improving year-on-year financial performance and by outperforming the industry on a portfolio of metrics that correlate closely to market capitalization, such as inventory turns, operating margin, and return on invested (ROI) capital . These metrics reflect the ability of a supply chain to balance growth, strength, and resiliency in a dynamic and competitive environment.

One of the key components of Supply Chain Excellence is having a clear and coherent operating strategy that aligns with the business objectives and customer expectations. A supply chain strategy should define the optimal network design, sourcing and distribution policies, inventory and service levels, technology and automation investments, and performance measurement and improvement initiatives. A supply chain strategy should also be flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions and customer demands.

Ur-Serv perform strategic alignment of business goals, processes, technology and people, as well as a continuous improvement culture that fosters innovation and collaboration across your supply chain network in order to achieve Supply chain excellence. 

Ur-Serv Business Development LLC qualify people skills and SCM, supply chain management knowledge for perfect performance attributes across the entire value chain from end-to-end; from suppliers to customers, in order to deliver superior value and competitive advantage. 

Ur-Serv improve main supply chain processes throughout Business process improvement and business process optimization to achieve lean supply chain management, which guides your company towards cost reduction, together with agile methodologies to guide you towards more flexibility, adaptability and Responsiveness. Ur-Serv guides your company towards Leagile Supply Chain Excellence.

Begin with Ur-Serv in Leveraging data and analytics to transfer to digital supply chain management by choosing the the best of  e commerce supply chain models and optimize your capabilities for high performance.

To start a full Supply chain development from supplier management in supply chain management, to internal supply chain process management, to distribution logistics and customer relationship management, Start NOW!

Supply Chain management Consulting services changed many companies, call us NOW!

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chain consulting services help your company to use the most fitting strategy and optimize business processes to reduce costs and achieve greater efficiency, agility, and resilience in in order to gain a competitive edge and increase your profitability in the market.

SCM Supply Chain Management optimised process operations, people skills towards performance

Supply Chain Management

We help our clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Whether you need logistics, procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, or distribution services, we have the expertise and technology to meet your needs.  and let us help you achieve your business goals.

Digital supply chain solutions anf ERP implementation are one of our services in Ur-Serv

Digital Transformation

Digital supply chain is the future of business!

Ur-Serv Business Development LLC support shift towards digital transformation by implementing ERP systems which enhance visibility, and as a NEW service we're beginning software development solutions. 

​begin supply Chain Development now!

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Ur-Serv is planning to be one of the top 10 Online consulting firms, Management consulting firms, business consulting firms, by offering consultancy services to SMEs and Corporates in Egypt, MENA Region, Africa, and EMEA

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced consulting company in Egypt, you should consider Ur-Serv, one of the top consulting companies in Egypt, providing supply chain management, supply chain consulting services, digital supply chain solutions, other end to end business development services including feasibility studies, strategic business analysis, full business plan, marketing plans, project management and more. 

We have a team of qualified and certified experts who can help you achieve your business goals and overcome any challenges you may face in the MENA region. 

Whether you need to optimize your operations, expand your market share, improve your customer satisfaction or launch a new product or service, Ur-Serv can provide you with tailor-made solutions that suit your needs and budget. 

We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects for clients across various sectors and industries, such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, FMCG and more. 

Ur-Serv is also committed to social responsibility and sustainability, supporting local communities. 

Contact Ur-Serv today and find out how they can help you grow your business in the MENA region.

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