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About Us:

Ur-Serv provide end-to-end supply chain solutions and wide range of business development services which support the growth and success of SME's and Corporates.

Our clients come to us from a wide range of fields. We believe in the value of relationships and we are proud to say that the majority of our business is built on referrals.

Our Values

Efficiency & Flexibility


Customer Oriented


What we Do?

Ur-Serv Provide wide range of professional value-added Business services to support growth and success of micro, small, middle enterprises & Corporates in MENA Region.

Your Business has problems?

Ur-Serv provide many business development services; from strategic level down to tactical & operational level.

Ur-Serv Supports your Business with experts who can detect, predict, Resolve, any ongoing problems, prevent any further complications, use numerous practices & tools to improve your business.

Our Methodologies make your business Lean (Efficient), Agile (Flexible), Customer-Oriented, and Excellent.

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Always First.

Be the first to find out all the latest news, products, and trends.

Business Success and Growth

Want Growth or digitalization?

Ur-Serv provides solutions which Enhance Visibility, Resilience, Agility across your business, elevate Customer Satisfaction and Net Profits.

Ur-Serv build trust and collaboration between companies of different fields to perform horizontal integration.

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Supply Chain Solutions

World has discovered the importance of Supply Chain, Ur-Serv Design an efficient agile Supply Chain, Optimize tradeoffs, enhance all operations.

Supply Chain Solutions

Business Development ideas
Business Development

Ur-Serv provide several Business development Services for Organizational Development, Marketing Development, and Financial Development.

Business Development

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

The exponential growth of E-Commerce, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) make Supply Chain a Strategic imperative in any company. Ur-Serv help you to Apply the latest appropriate practices relevant to your company’s industry.

Digital Solutions

Our Services​

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Business Success and Growth

Business Strategy


Always Improving

Ur-Serv professionals guide you step by step, converting your ideas into business plans. 

Ur-Serv make feasibility studies, marketing plans, and business plans. We have experts with wide Experience in successful Start-ups in different fields who can implement these plans. 

Your Company Success is our ultimate success. 

Whether you start small or are already a large company, our solution adapts to your needs and grows with you.

Begin your Development journey NOW 

Financial Services

Cash flow Management, Assets Management, and Cost Management are all revised, and controlled through our professionals. We help your company to make the best of use of the working capital, generate cash, elevate the shareholder equity, and net profits gained.

Enhance Financial Position

Financial Enhancement
Supply Chain Strategy

 Supply Chain Solutions

Operational Enhancement

We provide unique supply chain optimization services which gave us an edge. 

We designed numerous flexible, efficient, customer-oriented value chains among different manufacturing, 3PL, distribution, wholesales & retail companies in pharmaceutical, healthcare, textiles, furniture, AI, FMCG, food and beverage industries... which are customer oriented. 

Discover our tailor-made services to enhance your operations and elevate customer satisfaction.

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Ur-Serv supervise the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to integrate all departments to achieve end-to-end visibility, manage all of data, provide the analytics, inform the , requisite decision-making, and drive company. 

Moreover, we perform further online integration with website, or e-commerce for extra customer satisfaction.

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Ur-Sev provide many services at different levels. Contact us about anything related to our company or services. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Special Packages for small business Owners to support their success and growth.

  • Ur-Serv Business Development LLC
  •  100 El-Merghany Street, 4th floor, above First Abu Dhabi Bank, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
  • +2 (010) 90-140-820
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