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    Strategic Plan         

Strategic analysis, defining a unique Business Model

Business Plan with all of its components

Business Coaching 

Marketing Plans.  

Financial Enhancement

Cash Flow adjustment.

Cost Management, eliminating all unnecessary expenses.

Assets Management, make best of use of your Assets.


Supply Chain & Digitalization

Supply Chains strategy for giving your business against competitors. 

Supply Chain Optimization, Customer  Satisfaction.

ERP Implementation and integration with e-commerce.

Limited Development

Flexible Prices

  • Efficient Professional Service
  • General Review on Strategy, Operations, Finance, Organization, Marketing, and Information
  • Operational Improvement (Limited tasks)
  • Supply Chain Design & Strategy
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Cost Management + Cash Flow Optimization
  • Websites 
  • 1-3 Month FREE Business Coaching

Full Development

Flexible Prices

Installments Available for long term projects
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Organizational development, and training
  • Marketing plan, Sales Plan
  • Operational Plan, Implementation
  • Financial Plan, Evaluation
  • Guaranteed Cost Reduction
  • ERP, e-commerce
  • 6 Month FREE Business Coaching
  • Preparation for Horizontal Integration


Flexible Prices

Installments Available
  • From Idea to profits
  • All in the full development, Free Modules, plus several Bonuses
  • Full Responsibility till Launch


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