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Future of Hydrographic Printing

Water Transfer Printing, Imprinting Innovation on Every Surface.

WTP, Water Transfer Printing, is dedicated to revolutionizing hydrographic printing with commitment to customization and advanced technology integration.

 Eco-friendly materials

Sustainable Products 

10 Years Warranty

 Aeroplan Interiors

Luxurious high Quality Designs for Aeroplan Interiors.

Marine Industry

Anticorrosive protection for vessel components with decorative interiors.


Professional interior coatings, motor, Body, Fibers, mirrors, & Exteriors.

Plastic Industry

Flexible high durable products. Innovative shapes with 3D printing.

Porcelain Industry

Imaginary high variety of products, Highly Resistant to Chemicals.


Innovative designs from artificial marble, Aluminum Gladden, steel, & others

Real Estate

Artificial Granite Exteriors, decorative Floors, Walls, Gipson board & ceilings. 


Numerous interior design and decorative solutions. Simply print anything on any surface.


Bring your imaginative dreams to life on any surface.

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Ur-Serv, is the exclusive global representative for WTP, Water Transfer Printing, Hydrographic printing company is located in 100 El-Merghany street, Cairo.

WTP Factory is Located in Alexandria

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Ur-Serv is the exclusive global representative for WTP Hydrographic printing company