Ur-Serv Strategic Supply Chain Management Services:

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Design

Ur-Serv experts helps its clients to define their supply chain vision, goals, and metrics, and to tailor and design network; perform inventory management, sourcing plans and procurement, logistics and transportation to achieve the desired customer service.

The optimal network structure and location of the facilities, such as warehouses, distribution centers, factories and suppliers, that store, produce and transport the goods or services.

- Developing resilient and responsive supply chains that can cope with disruptions and recover quickly

- Implementing best practices and standards to ensure quality, compliance, and safety

Supply Chain Optimization:

Inventory policies that determine how much and where to hold the inventory, balancing the trade-offs between availability and cost.

- Sourcing and procurement Strategies, selection and contracting of the suppliers that provide the raw materials, components or services needed for the production or delivery.

Logistics and transportation: the planning and execution of the movement of goods or services from one point to another, using different modes and carriers, ensuring speed, reliability and safety.

Customer service: the activities and interactions that meet or exceed the expectations and needs of the customers, such as order fulfillment, delivery tracking, returns and refunds, feedback and support.

Implementing Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services

Integrated logistics involves coordinating the activities of various actors, such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers, to optimize efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. 

Ur-Serv help you to select the most fitting Third-party logistical service providers (3PLs) to reduce costs, improve service levels, increase flexibility and enhance innovation in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Strategy and Design

Ur-Serv define Client's supply chain vision, goals, and objectives, and design a supply chain network that aligns with their business strategy and customer need. 

We support:

- Aligning the supply chain strategy with the business strategy and the sustainability goals

- Adapting to changing customer demands, market conditions, and technological innovations

- Building collaborative relationships with suppliers, customers, and other partners

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Digital Supply chain  transformation and implementation

Ur-Serv supply chain plan execution by providing project management, change management, training, and essential technical and technological solutions.

Ur-Serv Performance metrics helps clients to monitor and improve their operational efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

 Ur-Serv six sigma and lean tools in continuous improvement programs identify and eliminate waste, reduce costs, and increase agility.

All these tools and metrics are used together with innovative Digital technologies to enhance visibility, agility, and efficiency

Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) & performance improvement

Ur-Serv Six Sigma Development projects identify and address the root causes of supply chain inefficiencies, risks, and waste, and implement best practices and solutions to enhance their supply chain performance and profitability.

Ur-Serv best practices leverage the latest technologies to create a competitive advantage in their markets. 

Ur-Serv digital solutions transform supply chains into digital ecosystems that enable collaboration, visibility, and intelligence across the value chain.

Ur-Serv develop and implement strategies, use SCOR model for continuous improvement 

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