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Our Professional services are high-quality and provide customized solutions for various business needs. Whether you need strategic development, supply chain, accounting, marketing, Ur-serv has the expertise and experience.

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Ur-Serv guide companies towards Excellence. Excellence means moving towards perfection in all aspects altogether.

Strategic planning is the key of company destination.  Business Model differentiate businesses from others.

Customer satisfaction is a result of perfect integration of all departments. Organizational development begin people, who are your assets, Operational development begin with process redesign to meet performance, Informational development starts from right digitalizing, Financial development begin from financial management of assets. All together are optimized towards excellence.

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About Us

About Us, Scope of Our Services

Ur-Serv Business Development LLC Provide end-to-end Supply Chain Solutions and wide portfolio of professional business development services which support growth of micro, small, middle enterprises and corporates in many industries held in Egypt and MENA Region.

 📊 Business Development:

  • Ur-Serv is a business development consulting firm which provide business consultation for small business
  • Ur-Serv is your Guide for successful start-up, it transfers  your idea into on ground  project, starting from market surveys, feasibility studies, designing the business Model, Business plan, Marketing plan.

For Existing Businesses, Ur-Serv Review, develop and implement the most fitting strategy for the company and ensure that all departments are integrated and work in line with the strategy.

  • Ur-Serv define the company's goals, make the following for Brand Improvement, Promotion & Protection
  • Review the Organizational  structure and the hierarchy,  Review The Strategic Plans
  • Analyze all internal and external factors affecting environment,
  • Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of all departments, specially: Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, and IT
  • Modify Strategy, Marketing plans and actions to set your company apart from your competitors and endear your business in the eyes of your customers.

B2B Services

🔗 Supply Chain Solutions 🔗

Ur-Serv adds Value to your Supply Chain, uses flexible strategies to distinguish your business among competitors. Ur-Serv makes the Optimal utilization of all available resources to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction with the highest possible profitability.

  • Supply Chain Design: Ur-Serv design a customizable Value Chain to achieve rapid flexible service with least errors & wastes
    • Ur-Serv design a reliable, rapid, low-cost delivery capability can make the difference between enormous growth or declining market share. 
    • Ur-Serv provide advanced visibility and analytics, improved cash management  

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Ur-Serv Optimizes all tradeoffs in inbound, and outbound logistics, support you in making strategic decisions that achieve the greatest flexibility at the lowest costs and highest profitability. 
  • Ur-Serv review, improve all operational plans, and elevates Customer Service Level (LOW/NO errors, FAST deliveries).
    • Increase Demand Accuracy, reduce forecasting errors while reducing inventory.
    • Develop sourcing strategies, define criteria for selecting companies, negotiation terms and conditions with Suppliers, audit Suppliers, and evaluate the whole supply process
    • Review production plans, manufacturing steps, Bill of Materials, production efficiency
    • Review warehouses design & Operational plans, costs and performance 
    • Review Distribution plans, implement Same-Day delivery, Drop Shipping, optimize logistics and delivery times with freight costs reduction to support Free Shipping services.

* Ur-Serv supports you in: risks mitigation, work efficiency, productivity, error prevention, rapid delivery and Customer success, beside cost management.

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Financial Services

Cost Management is the key for expenses reduction. 

A Good cash flow starts from adjusting cash in and cash out from all factors affecting it. 

A Healthy company MUST have a positive cash flow, which simply means, has positive cash. It's not a matter of cost cutting, but it's financial management of your assets and resources.

Make use of our talented practical solutions to understand why your business is suffering, and take fast actions to be apart from your competitors.

Financial Enhancement

Digital Supply Chain & ERP

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