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July 26, 2023 by
Ur-Serv Business Development LLC, Ur-Serv Business Development Team

Choice of Managers or employees,

As Human beings, Each person differs from another. Every one is talented in a certain area. Being skilled or Having Great experience, or knowledge is not the only criteria of choice.

In our opinion the main criteria, beside (skills, knowledge, experience) is the personality fit.

Main Personality types

Dominant persons 

are details oriented, they FIGHT to reach goals. They're risk takers. They're perfect target achievers, in sales, bus as Managers, they will turn the business culture into war.

In their point of view, people are only tools.

Influence persons, 

are extrovert, sensible, people oriented, they're creative, they have vision. Those are perfect LEADERS. They can change the business direction upwards.

Steady Persons 

are perfect followers, hate change, remain status quo. ROUTINE daily actions are perfect for them. They're HONEST. Doing the same everyday with no change, no deviation, means sustained quality.

Compliant (Analytical) Persons,

 are perfect analyzers, excellent decision makers. They deal with FACTS, numbers. They prevent problems.

Making the right combination will enhance your business culture.

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Ur-Serv Business Development LLC, Ur-Serv Business Development Team July 26, 2023
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